A Japanese Thoreau of the Twelfth Century (5):Hojoki 英訳『方丈記』


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    At this jincture I had occation to visit the new capital, and found it too confined for the due laying out of streets and avennues. To the north lay the slopes of chain of hills, on the south it was washed by the sea. The roar of the waves sounded everlastingly in one's ears, the briny gales blew everlastingly in one's face, the Palace right among the hills reminded one of the Round Timber Palace, though it was not without design and elagance.

    Daily were dwellings taken to pieces and send down the river to be rebuilt in tje new City-Royal, yet many were the open spaces and few completed mansions, and while the old capital was desolate the new town was unfinished, and men seemed to themselves to be drifting with the clouds.The old inhabitants were unhappy because their property was lost, and the newcomers had to live amid the unpleasant bustle of construction. As one scanned the ways one saw carriage - folk on horseback and vestments of state and elegance replaced by common tunics. The grace of manners of the former capital all at onece vanished, and country fashions reigned. Such were clear signs of public disturbance ; every day grew the agitation, and the minds of folk became unsettled. Nor was this confusion without cause, and when the Winter came the people could not be restrained from returning to Kyoto. But what became of houses that had been pulled down and removed ? We know not, but this wa know, that the old state of the city was not restored. According to dim taradition, in the wise days of old the sovrans ruled compassionately, their palaces had but thatched roofs, nor were the eaves adjusted to them [no verandahs — a luxry ?]. When no smoke was seen ascending from the hearts the taxes wer remitted. One knows only too well how ill these modern days compare with the days of yore.





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