A Japanese Thoreau of the Twelfth Century (15)


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    About my clothing and food I have something to say. Wisteria cloth and hempen fabrics are enough to hide my nakedness, sprouts of Imperata grass and nuts picked up on the hills sumce to sustain my body. As I don't live in the world I need not care about my appearance; in the absence of luxuries even coarse fare is sweet. I do not address these observations to wealthy folk, I merely compare my former way of life with my present one. Since I got quit of society and forsook the world I know nothing of envy or fear. I commit my life to the care of Heaven, without regret and without anxiety. I liken my body to a cloud in the sky ; I neither put my trust in it nor despise it. All the joy of my existence is concentrated around the pillow which giveth me nightly rest, all the hope of my days I find in the beauties of nature that ever please my eyes .



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