A Japanese Thoreau of the Twelfth Century (12):Hojoki 英訳『方丈記』


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    Now since I hid me in the recesses of Mount Hino the manner of my abode is this. To the south juts out a movable sun-screen [a sort of pent-roof P] with a matting of split bamboos, bound together parallel-wise. Westwards a small shrine with a Buddhist shelf and a picture of Amida so placed that the space between the eyebrows shines in the rays of the setting sun. Before the curtain-doors of the shrine are fixed the figures of Fugen and Fudo. Above the paper-paned sliding doors of the north side runs a small shelf, on which stand three or four black leather boxes containing collections of Japanese poetry, books on music, and such works as the W5j6y5 shiu [book on Buddhist Paradise]. Besides these is a so [sort of koto or flat harp with thirteen strings] on one side and a biwa [lute] on the other side—what are known as bent harp and jointed
    lute. Along the east side are spread large bundles of bracken fern, which with bundles of straw make me a couch. There is a window opening in the east wall with a writing-desk. Near the head of the couch is a brazier to burn faggots in. North of the hut is a small garden surrounded by a low hedge of wattled branches. Here I grow some medicinal herbs. Such is the fashion of my temporary cabin.



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