A Japanese Thoreau of the Twelfth Century (3):Hojoki 英訳『方丈記』


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    Again, on the 29th of the hare [4th] month of 4 Jijo [May 25th, 1180] a hurricane devastated the city from the Nakamikado Kyogoku quarter as far as Rokujo. Not a single house was left standing within the circuit of several wards. Some were levelled with the ground, some were left with beams and uprights alone standing, the cross-pieces of the gateways were blown off in some cases and carried three or four cho [one cho = 360 yards] away, fences were blown down, and neighbouring compounds thus thrown into one. Needless to say, the contents of houses were scattered in all directions, while the shingles filled the air like leaves in Winter, and clouds of dust like smoke obscured the sky and blinded one's eyes. The roar of the wind was fearful, one could not hear a word spoken, the storm seemed a true hell-blast. Not only were houses destroyed, but the numbers of those who were injured or maimed in their attempts to save their dwellings was incalculable. The wind finally veered towards the goat and ape quarter [south-west] and did much harm in that region. It was a whirlwind, but what aone ! An extraordinary hurricane ! People doubted not portended some evil of like dimensions.




    それはつむじ風だったが、なんということだ! 驚異的なハリケーンだ! 人々は,それが何かの悪事を予兆しているのではないかと疑っていた。

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