A Japanese Thoreau of the Twelfth Century(英訳『方丈記』)


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  • A Japanese Thoreau of the Twelfth Century

    Minakata Kumagusu and F. Victor Dickins



    <My friend Mr. Minakata is the most erudite Japanese I have met with equally learned in tho science and literature of the East and of the West. He has frequently coutributed to Nature and Notes and Queries. He now lives near the town of Wakayaraa in Kishiu. In the second volume of the Life of Sir Harry Parkes, by Mr. S. Laue-Poole and myself (p. 160), will be found an interesting account by Lady Parkes of her husband's visit to the last Daimyo of Wakayama in March, 1870. The narrative ends with the sentence "It was like being in the fairyland."  The translation has been entirely remade by myself upon the basis of that of Mr. Minakata. The notes, save where otherwise indicated, are his, name what remodelled by myself.> (F. Victor Dickins)

    A Japanese Thoreau of the Twelfth Century
    Minakata Kumagusu and F. Victor Dickins
    The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland
    (Apr., 1905), pp. 237-264

    南方熊楠・ヴィクター・ディキンズ 共訳

    「A Japanese Thoreau of the Twelfth Century」は『南方熊楠全集 第10巻 』に所収。

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